Community Area Plans

A series of Area Plans to provide more detailed planning guidance for all neighborhoods of San Marcos.

  • Community Area Plan boundaries are drawn to include all areas of San Marcos with 100 percent coverage of the City;
  • Community Area Plan geographies typically include two or more neighborhoods and sometimes include adjacent commercial and employment areas that serve those neighborhoods; and
  • The number of Community Area Plan geographies (14) is intended to establish a manageable number of Community Area Plans to ensure that, over time, all community Areas have a plan developed and that Plans can be updated in a timely manner.


The project team have been collecting input from the Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee, the community, and focus groups on developing the draft vision, goals, and guiding principles which are foundational components for Vision SMTX. These components help set the stage for upcoming tasks such as establishing the City’s Preferred Growth Scenario, the strategies and action items for the 10 planning elements (housing, land use, arts and culture, etc.), and Area Planning. Currently, we are focusing on Step 3, developing the Citywide Growth Scenario.