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About Area Plans

In addition to the Downtown Area Plan currently underway, the City of San Marcos is creating additional “Area Plans” for more detailed planning at the regional and neighborhood scale. On August 2, 2022, the San Marcos City Council provided direction to kick-off Area Plans for 6 locations throughout the City. Area Plans are a unique opportunity to get involved in envisioning the future of your neighborhood!

What is an Area Plan?

An Area Plan will take a closer look at the needs, challenges, opportunities, and vision for a neighborhood or area in the community. To do this, we’ll be working closely with those who live and work in these areas to develop the plan, gather ideas about how to improve quality of life, and outline specific ways to implement the goals of Vision SMTX within that smaller neighborhood/area.

What will a Neighborhood Area Plan do?

  • Provide a study of the “DNA” or character of the neighborhood;
  • Collect community input on neighborhood needs, challenges, and opportunities;
  • Facilitate more localized conversations on land use, connectivity improvements, parks, trails, history & culture, and other amenities needed and/or envisioned
  • Identify specific projects and programs for the area plan geography
  • Provide more detailed policy guidance and recommendations for the area plan geography
  • To collaborate and engage in dialogue with residents/stakeholders and elevate conversations and ideas!

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Attend Upcoming Events

Blanco Gardens Area Plan Neighborhood Workshop – Nov. 17

Dunbar / Heritage Neighborhood Workshop – Nov. 16

Regional Center Plans:

  • Regional Center plans are intended for existing and future higher intensity, mixed use centers in San Marcos
  • Center Plans will focus on land use, built form, connectivity, public spaces, housing, and employment opportunities

Upcoming Area Plans:

  1. Downtown Area (in-progress)
  2. Second City Center (Intersection of McCarty Ln / Rattler Road / Old Bastrop Hwy)

Neighborhood Area Plans

  • Primarily located in neighborhoods that include some existing commercial
  • Plans will focus on neighborhood character & identity, amenities, access, and appropriate infill
  • Will include some adjacent neighborhood centers/commercial areas used by the neighborhood
  • Includes small nodes of commercial and mixed use nestled within neighborhoods
  • Focuses on appropriate scale and transitions

Upcoming Area Plans:

  1. Blanco Gardens
  2. Heritage Neighborhoods
  3. North of Campus
  4. Old Ranch Road 12
  5. South of Downtown

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