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Thank you for taking the Vision SMTX Survey!

As part of the Vision SMTX Comprehensive Plan adoption process, the Planning and Zoning Commission and City Council have made amendments to the Draft Plan. A survey was available in February to provide input on the amendments (see below Summary of Changes). The City Council Committee is currently reviewing the results. Thank you to all those who participated!

Vision SMTX – A Vision for the Future

About the Comprehensive Plan Rewrite

The City Council provided direction to rewrite the City’s current comprehensive plan, Vision San Marcos, originally adopted in 2013. This comprehensive plan rewrite project will establish the goals and vision for the future of San Marcos for the next 20 years. The comprehensive plan rewrite will create a visionary policy document that guides long-term decision-making for key components in San Marcos such as housing, the environment, economic development, transportation, and land use. The rewrite will include significant public engagement to obtain input from the public, stakeholders, and organizations in San Marcos throughout the planning process.

Comprehensive Plan
Downtown Plan
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Vision SMTX Survey – Participate in the Vision SMTX Survey February 2 – February 23 by taking the simple survey or interactive survey. Paper copies can also be picked up by calling 512.393.8230 or email planninginfo@sanmarcostx.gov.

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