Personal email

2021-05-23T02:55:44-06:002021|Categories: CPSC|

Hi All, Since we are having to be virtual, I feel we are lacking personal communication between members. Here is my email if anyone wants to discuss issues regarding the Master Plan. I look

Runoff per capita standard

2021-03-01T15:01:56-06:002021|Categories: CPSC|

We have standards per capita for drinking water and for wastewater generation, so I was wondering if we can set a goal for a runoff per capita standard. We shoot for water conservation using low

CM Derrick

2021-02-25T14:17:50-06:002021|Categories: CPSC|

Hey ya'll, I thought I'd try to get the ball rolling since I've not seen anyone using this resource. What is one thing YOU want to come out of this process. . We are supposed

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