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Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee

Virtual “Coffee Shop”

Welcome to the CPSC Virtual Coffee Shop!

Often times, Steering Committee Members would meet informally in local coffee shops or other neighborhood hubs before or after regularly scheduled meetings to discuss their ideas further, share resources that they are familiar with, and continue to build consensus and momentum in the planning process.  Given the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic to this Comprehensive Plan process, the Project Team has created this page for steering committee members as a means to try to simulate those types of opportunities in a remote setting.  In an effort to promote a respectful and engaging environment, we ask that the steering committee observe the rules of etiquette for online behavior. Below are some rules of decorum and tips to make the discussion focused and easy to follow:

→DO: Be respectful, professional, and courteous of your fellow steering committee members and their viewpoints

⋅DON’T: Use hate speech and explicit language

→DO: Avoid spamming; rather contribute, and engage in thoughtful ideas

⋅DON’T: Post personal details or sensitive information

→DO: Refrain from discussion of politics, religion, or any other contentious political or social subjects that are out of topic

→DO: Stay focused and keep your post relevant and readable

Please note that this list is not exhaustive, so please use common sense while posting

Thank you again for your participation and leadership in this critical planning process for the City of San Marcos!

Please reach out at planninginfo@sanmarcostx.gov with any specific questions.

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